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"Acedia" is our third album. The recording process was a little different for this one. Our good friend Rob with Wizkid Sound moved away, so we decided rather than find another studio, we'd just do it ourselves in Thomas's studio, Bookhouse. For the first two records, we burned through the songs in 2 or 3 days. For "Acedia", we thought it'd be interesting to take our time for once. Several months actually, a little here, a little there. The version of "100%" is the same take as the original single we put out earlier this year, but it's been remixed and mastered for it's inclusion on this record.


released June 3, 2016

All songs written by Pretty Please except "100%" written by Sonic Youth. Recorded by Pretty Please at Bookhouse Recording.
Mastered by Pat Patten at Jamgood Mastering.



all rights reserved


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Pretty Please Atlanta, Georgia

"Pretty Please are a three piece from Atlanta that play loud. Very loud. The band, who are becoming known for their ferocious live shows, have been dubbed, "slundge". Grunge and Sludge with some noise thrown in for good measure. They formed in 2012 because they want to be rich and famous, all while adhering to a strict DIY ethic." ... more

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Track Name: Wormy
Little thing, for a friend, ugly.
pick him up, make amends, sorry.
though he's not all alone, he knows
he was cut, now he's sewn. he'll go...
Hide away until
he can grow it back.
shameful loss,
what he lacks...
What'd you say? don't be dramatic.
Grow a tail. it's so erratic.
Little thing, for a friend, ugly.
pick him up, make amends, sorry.
though he's not all alone, he knows
he was cut, now he's sewn. he'll go...
Hide away until
he can grow a tail
large he will
never fail....
Track Name: Dumbtruck
Violent disregard. It's in your head.
Attention gets it hard. Brain made of lead.
Wake me up at night. She grinds her teeth.
No one cares you're right. Pray for the weak.
Waste of time.
Want to take your money
Burn your houses down and I
Want to take your money
and burn your houses down again.
Track Name: Dead Horse
From it's birth he knows he's a mistake.
Daddy's accident, mom has to fake.
Lock it in the basement. shut it out.
Something that you can forget about.
And I know they all know....
It's all the same and I'm boring now.
It's all the same and you're boring now.
It gets worse you wonder when to quit.
Everything you work for turns to shit.
Lock him in the basement. Shut him out.
Something that you can forget about.
Track Name: Erase Me
Now tell me I'm a fake, carbon copy enemy.
You're probably right, you'll write, still I'm anxious to see.
You're an eraser.
Thanks so much for all your time, twist your arm, bruised self esteem.
My broken heart can't fix the damage done to me.
Track Name: Southern Gospel
It's not too late at all. You're all hungry, and godless too.
Buy now, don't wait to call. We'll bring everything right to you.
A ghost denying that he appeared.
Run in your circles. Look for the signs.
We burnt all the bridges while you fell behind.
You're just so far away. Pray hard, I'll wear a badge for you.
Track Name: Little Girl
She sees a magazine. she's not grown up.
crying for daddy's love. she's seen enough.
Her life, is torn away.
Young child, no no no, turn away.
She learns from the T.V. to play her role.
Cheap sex and vanity...just save your soul.
Her life, is torn away
Young child, turn away.
You lie. It's torn away.
You lied.
Track Name: Acedia
Trust a cure. Healing chemically assured personality.
Medicine can't cure apathy. A throat, poison remedy.
Test rat.
Test rat.